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The tour began on 17 April in Glasgow and ended on 27 June in Scarborough. Willis and Bourne's ex-bandmate Charlie Simpson , whose decision to quit Busted led to the...

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From the topic Music. The bind - made up of Harry Judd, Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter - suggest they'll be playing all 64 tracks from their five studio albums over the three concerts at each venue. They haven't played together since when they joined forces with members of Busted to form McBusted.

Busted re-formed last year after Charlie Simpson agreed to rejoin the group. The band will compete with their debut album, 's Compartment on the 3rd Floor, in its entirety on the start with night of their four-city peregrination 16 June in Glasgow, 20 in Birmingham, 24 in Manchester and 28 in London. They'll then take on their faulty and third records - 's Wonderland and Motion in the Ocean from - on the second night 17 June in Glasgow, 21 in Birmingham, 25 in Manchester and 29 in London.

And they'll finish cancelled by playing their fourth and fifth studio albums - 's Radio: McFly have released a short film on YouTube, directed by David Spearing, to divulge fans a taste of what they can expect in June. In an interview with an Irish website earlier this year, the band hinted they'd be back and could record a new album as well. When you're all refreshed, we'll be got rid of and smash an album. So we'll either revisit that, or we'll feel inspired to do new music. Busted are more touring next month in the UK with American drummer Cobus Potgieter joining the group for the sake of their 17 dates, which close at Birmingham's Genting Arena on 4 June.

McFly are re-forming for a date, four-city UK tour in June. McFly and Busted form a supergroup.


British Summer Time Festival: Backstage gossip with McBusted, The Vamps and Elyar Fox - Hookups For Sex

Tour play mcbusted online dating
The English super-group, which boasts members of McFly and Busted will headline two concerts in Ireland next year.
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Supergroup McBusted organize announced three new dates for their UK trek - which go on sale tomorrow at 9am! And you had outdo get your skates on if you want to see the boys, tickets are invest in to boost out summary. With supplementary dates starting from April 17 at the Glasgow Hydro, they now press a monumental total of 26 gigs - phew. The boys have announced three tour dates Get celebs updates quickly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy mind More newsletters.

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