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Algunas de estas divisiones en periodos han sido tomadas de la Cultura Maya: Diferencias culturales entre culturas se hicieron manifiestas.

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Furthermore, the work must always surpass both the aesthetic ideology as well the modality. Toledo also includes a semantic and ideological multiplicity that allow the viewer to enjoy a satisfying artistic experience and which simultaneously causes both the author as well as the work to transcend.

Neither one of them could defeat the other, and it seems that a type of non-aggression pact was established between the two peoples. Ritual and Power in Stone: Furthermore, the Middle Preclassic period saw the beginnings of the process of urbanization that would come to define the societies of the Classic period.

The ethnic identity of the Olmecs is still widely debated.


The work is reduced to a pretext, an excuse to unleash any of these aspects, which in consideration of what they constitute, become paramount. General History of the Things of New Spain 13 vols.

Likewise, it is the viewer who must decide whether the above-mentioned objects are painted there for aesthetic effect or if they meet an important artistic function in the painting, such as diverting attention from the central objects of the work, which are the fruits and the peasants. In the work of artist Edwin Rojas we perceive a taste for painting from a playful standpoint, gamelike, in which the image as well as the color arises from a fictional account of everyday situations which have occurred in the city.

At the residency, browsing through their magnificent collection of books of Rauschenberg work among many others, there, I found a picture of one of Rauschenberg American flags.

Astronomy remained a matter of vital significance because of its importance for agriculture, the economic basis of Mesoamerican society, and to predict events in the future such as lunar and solar eclipses, an important feature for the rulers, proving to the commoners their links with the heavenly world. She has published numerous articles on Cuban visual culture and is presently at work on a book manuscript examining the intersection of race and gender in Cuban national identity.

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