How to save to desktop - How to Save Your Desktop Icon Layout in Windows XP, 7, 8

Fortunately, changing the saving location of a file is a snap in Excel. Create or open your file.

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Once your screen resolution changes, Windows automatically re-arranges all of your icons and all of that hard work is lost!

I have always been able to save downloads directly on to my desktop. I reset Firefox yesterday and now I don't have that option. When I click "browse" to choose a download place, I choose "desktop" and instead of just redemptive stuff on to there, it creates a folder called desktop.

I don't want a folder I just want the on there. There isn't the facility to delete what Firefox puts in the box either. I need to remove chestnut of the desktops.

Picture betrothed to hopefully show what I mean. I have the latest version of Firefox - I know Windows usesa piece of smoke and mirrors when it comes to paths to certain locations.

How to save to desktop

In this second article about desktop shortcuts we will cover how to create a desktop shortcut for a file or folder on your computer and one for a web page on the Internet. In this article we will cover the following:. When you use a particular file or folder a lot, placing a desktop shortcut to that file or folder on your computer desktop can save time. A desktop shortcut is also helpful for a novice computer user who might forget how to find a particular file or folder on their computer.

Creating a desktop shortcut for a file or folder requires navigating your way to the file or folder and sending a shortcut to the desktop. If you are not sure where the program saved your file, open the program, create a new file and use the Save As function under the File menu of the program.

This will show you the path to where the program saves files by default. Generally, Microsoft products will have saved your document in the My Documents folder unless you specifically changed where you wanted the file saved. Some programs do the same, under their specific folder. Others save the files created in with their program files in the Programs folder. Once you close or minimize all the open windows, your desktop appears.

Look around for your new desktop shortcut.

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SkyDrive is a cloud storage solution and also doubles as a modern file explorer. The whole freaking point of them has long been rendered useless. Didn't know it worked on 7. You have a lot more control of a data only partition and can usually make reliable backups just by checking that none of your user level applications are writing to the partition while the backup is running. Skip to navigation Skip to content. I have almost everything in the cloud one way or another, and love it, but aren't there some caveats to that statement?

You can also save the layout when shutting down and restore the layout when booting back up.

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